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Triple Entry Accounting on Blockchain

2021-06-17T12:37:20+00:0017 June, 2021|Media, News|

Abendum has created a triple entry accounting platform that drastically increases efficiency for both accountants and auditors because it creates a verifiable shared source of truth that cannot be altered while combatting the fraud around fake-invoicing that takes place in the accounting industry.

Norway Financial Authority selects Abendum for FinTech sandbox

2022-01-07T14:03:06+00:0030 March, 2021|Media, News|

The startup Abendum has barely existed a year and will be ready with an MVP in April. That was enough for The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway to choose them as the only participant in pool #2 of its regulatory sandbox.

Why small businesses lose $Billions from fraud

2021-03-23T13:10:50+00:0023 March, 2021|Blog, News|

Imagine you are responsible to release funds according to invoice details. Suddenly a vendor asks why their payment is overdue. But you already paid it last week, how can this be? You come to the chilling realization that you have become a victim of a Business E-mail Compromise. 

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