Episode 8 | Torje Vingen Sunde from Abendum on building an MVP on Triple Entry Accounting as a service

For the first episode on a series dedicated to how #TripleEntryAccounting can be used as a service, The Accountant Quits Podcast had the pleasure to have Torje Vingen Sunde, the Chief Technology Officer from Abendum.

Abendum has developed a beta version of their triple entry accounting offering using a public blockchain and has been testing it with the help of the Norwegian regulator using a sandbox environment.

In this episode, you will learn;

How Abendum has created a product using the idea of Triple Entry Accounting;
How an invoice gets digitally signed and recorded on a public ledger in practice;
The challenges and conclusions learnt from the beta version of Abendum so far;
The key enablers to transition from double entry accounting to triple entry accounting;
The future role of accountants with automation;
And much more..

Full Podcast here