Empowering Financial Institutions in the Web3 Era

2023-09-08T12:19:38+00:008 September, 2023|Article, Blog, News|

In the fast-paced world of finance, streamlined document management is critical for financial institutions to thrive. Enter SignOnChain, a cutting-edge platform, empowered by Web3 technology, that has emerged as a game-changer in secure document management.

Streamlining Document Management

2023-08-25T09:40:46+00:0025 August, 2023|Article, Blog, News|

Accountants play a crucial role in managing and maintaining a vast array of financial documents, from contracts and invoices to financial statements. As the volume of documents continues to grow, accountants seek innovative solutions to streamline their document management process, enhance efficiency and bolster accuracy.

Why include more non-financial data into your accounting (ESG)

2021-05-06T11:53:46+00:006 May, 2021|Blog, News|

How & Why you should include more non-financial data into your accounting (ESG). Bookkeeping is about the business’s own narrative. The story can be told in dollars, but for ESG-reporting the story is also told in non-financial figures. A problem arises if the figures and ratings that the story is leaning on is subjective.

Why small businesses lose $Billions from fraud

2021-03-23T13:10:50+00:0023 March, 2021|Blog, News|

Imagine you are responsible to release funds according to invoice details. Suddenly a vendor asks why their payment is overdue. But you already paid it last week, how can this be? You come to the chilling realization that you have become a victim of a Business E-mail Compromise. 

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