Our CTO Torje Vingen Sunde joined the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai

A panel of four experts and entrepreneurs came together to discuss how blockchain re-invents business as a whole. At the panel, Sunde introduced Abendum, a company that utilizes the BSV blockchain to revolutionize accounting.

“In one sentence, triple-entry accounting is a way to extract the current accounting ledgers onto the blockchain and make them verifiable. This way auditors can have all the evidence on the chain and that will make their life much easier”, Sunde said.

A year ago at the CoinGeek Conference in Zurich, Sunde presented Abendum for the first time as a Bitcoin-based triple-entry accounting firm and joined a panel that discussed the evolution of accounting from single-entry to triple-entry accounting. Interestingly, Bitcoin inventor Dr. Craig Wright was an accountant himself and discussed Bitcoin and accounting with us in detail, as can be seen here.

Dr. Wright pointed out that Bitcoin, as in the BSV blockchain, could make accounting much more secure and efficient at the same time. So with Abendum, Sunde is set to bring Bitcoin creator Dr. Wright’s vision of Bitcoin as an accounting ledger and data processing tool to life.

Read Coingeek’s article here or watch the panel below: